One-Source Counselors

It takes a very special person to help people, their families and their employers through a relocation. The job requires that person to be equal parts drill sergeant and den mother. It takes market knowledge - and a minor in psychology. It takes a positive attitude, and the desire to find positive solutions.

Fortunately, Relocation Synergy Group has found not one, but an entire team of such people. We call them our One-Source Counselors - and they manage relocations, offer advice to employees and generally make things run smoothly for everyone.

The One-Source Counselor is an experienced, dedicated professional who delivers hands-on, high quality service. He or she is the main contact for the relocating employee and spouse, and is responsible for introducing and explaining relocation policy benefits, educating and encouraging the employee regarding procedures and requirements, anticipating individual needs and potential issues - and addressing them in advance. All the while, our One-Source Counselors respond to every situation with professionalism, sensitivity and genuine concern for the relocating
family’s well being.